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This page is perpetually under construction. - Last updated 5/10/2003

About my Avalanche

2002 Indigo Blue Metallic Chevy Avalanche 1500 Z-71, 5.3l, 3.73. Loaded with just about everything but leather and an engine block heater (didn't want them.) Highlights include: Z-71 4x4 Off road package, Convenience package, Sunroof, Charcoal interior cloth sport bucket seats, Roof rack, Side steps, White Outline Tires.

I had wanted one of these since I first heard about the concept vehicle. After a year of talking about it, and six months of whining, my wife finally relented. Just before Christmas 2001, she said it was time to go look at them. I took a test drive, and I was hooked. My dealer found the exact truck I was looking for, and the day before Christmas we made the deal. The only catch: the truck was out of town, and they planned on going to get it the day after Christmas.

Unfortunately, that's when the snow started. Seven feet in seven days. Everything was closed. Including the dealer. They couldn't go get the truck. Now I enjoy snow, but this storm was killing me! Not only did I have to wait for my truck, but I couldn't play in all that snow with my new truck. By New Year's Eve day, the weather was breaking, but the dealer couldn't go to get the truck, since they were the starting point for the Olympic Torch Relay that night. They were too busy digging out of the snow and getting ready for the big party, and they had no time to do anything else.

By this point, I was really nervous. I had to take delivery by January 2, 2002 in order to take advantage of cash incentives, rebates, and 0% financing. I was really starting to worry. The dealer was closed on New Year's Day, so of course, nothing happened. But bright and early on the morning of January 2, they hit the road, brought it back, prepped it and delivered it all in the same day. I left the dealer with my new truck, with 15 minutes to spare.

Here's a view outside of the front door while the snow was flying and I was waiting:

It was dark when I got home from the dealer that first day, so I didn't get any pictures. I did take a few pictures a few days later, on Saturday. It was interesting how much the snow had settled and compressed down by that time.

After almost a year and a half of ownership, the truck has gone through some significant changes, all of which are discussed on my modifications page.